4 Simple Techniques for Better Writing

Writing isn’t something you’re just born with. Wait, let me rephrase that; some people may be gifted writers and yes, they were probably born that way. However, that is not the case with everyone—most talented writers today had to start somewhere.

Writing is not for everyone, most people don’t like to write. But, if you are in the writing industry, here are some techniques that can help you produce better writing.

1. Be a People Watcher

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My Fiction 101 teacher told me that in order to get inspiration for storytelling ideas you need to watch people. You may be wondering how that actually works. It’s very simple, really. Sit at a park bench, a bus stop bench, or any busy place with a bench. Take with you a pen and a small notepad. Then sit back and watch people. Pay attention to how they interact with each other. Ask yourself what may be going through the minds of people rushing around, purposely bumping into someone, arguing with each other, or walking with their child. These can all give you great story ideas.

2. Do Something Different

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You can’t really gain anything new by doing something you already know. Your creativity could be put on a standstill by not opening yourself up to new things. Instead, enroll in a class for pottery making, build model cars or ships, try a new recipe, learn to make candles, or go skydiving! All of these new things can open the way for new ideas and inspiration. Whatever it is, D.I.Y. and use the experience to your advantage despite whether you are successful in it or not.

3. Overcome Your Fear

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Fear is one of the hardest things I have to deal with. I am always afraid of doing something that I don’t understand or is new to me. Fears for other people can include giving speeches, sending a manuscript for review, or sealing a deal with an important, well-known client. But, you cannot allow fear to stop you. Any time you feel that fear rising up inside you for whatever you are about to do, swallow it and just do it. That is truly the best way to overcome it. Yes, you may fall or trip over your words, but you did it and conquered that fear. The next time you do it, it won’t be so bad.

4. Listen in on Conversations

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OK, the naughty word for that is eavesdropping. It isn’t a nice thing to do but you can really gain some interesting conversations from it. Do not just listen without taking notes. A person can say something that is invaluable to your writing, so listen in. Some of the best places to listen in on conversations are coffee shops, waiting in the grocery line, and at restaurants. Most people meet at restaurants and coffee shops to talk or discuss important matters. Therefore, that’s one of the best places for you to get some ideas.

Writing is a practice that takes time to learn and anyone with determination can be a writer. Going outside of the so-called writing guidelines can help make you be that better writer that you strive to be.

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